Everest – Validity’s New Email Success Platform

Over the last few years, Validity has purchased and merged several companies relating to email deliverability, primarily BriteVerify, Return Path, and 250ok. Return Path and 250ok were the top competitors in deliverability tools, specifically for inbox placement, so it’s been a very uncertain time. On August 18, Validity put to rest some of the questions we had about what tools we would have available with the announcement of their new email success platform, Everest.

According to their press release, Everest integrates the best of BriteVerify, RP, and 250ok and adds some tools and features that weren’t yet available to the industry.

  •  Everest offers marketers a fully integrated solution to build, test, measure, and optimize email campaigns
  • • Platform includes best of 250ok, Return Path, and BriteVerify, plus all-new capabilities designed to maximize email marketing ROI
  • • Features and pricing editions make Everest attractive for businesses of all sizes that rely on email to engage customers

Al Iverson of Spamresource has made it his mission to test every possible deliverability tool, suite, or service, so make sure to keep your eyes out for the results of his testing.