BIMI and the Big Three

If you’re already familiar with BIMI, you’re probably excited about it. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’re probably shaking your head at there being yet another acronym in email. BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification and it allows senders to add a branded logo within supporting email clients. What this means in simple terms is that your email subscribers will now see your logo beside your email, before they even open their mail.

It’s worth working towards implementing BIMI because BIMI relies you having set a DMARC policy that instructs mailbox providers to quarantine or reject email that claims to be from you but isn’t helps protect your customers from fraud. Displaying your logo, and the increased brand recognition that comes with it, is an added bonus for increased security!

If you do implement BIMI, which of your subscribers will see your logo before even opening your email? Because it relies on DMARC being set to a quarantine or reject policy, it’s non-trivial to implement so it’s important to know how much reach BIMI has. As an emerging technology, who has implemented BIMI is subject to change quickly but there’s already quite a reach.

What is the status for mailbox providers supporting BIMI currently?

  • Gmail announced the launch of it’s BIMI pilot this week.
  • Verizon Media Group has offered BIMI for some time.
  • Comcast
  • Fastmail

Microsoft is not currently offering BIMI support and has not announced any intent to do so. Hopefully, we’ll see them add BIMI support soon.