Configuring MTAs for Best Throughput

Knowing the exact technical settings for your MTAs (mail transfer agents, aka your outbound mail servers) can be tricky. How many concurrent SMTP connections can I open to top ISPs and how many messages can I send at a time? Making adjustments to those and other settings can help ensure maximum email throughput while avoiding blocking for sending too much mail too fast. 

And then there’s the strategic component to IP address and domain strategy. How sending many IP addresses should I use? How many email messages can an IP address send in a single day? How much volume do I have to send in a day, week or month to keep my ISP reputation “alive”? Should I segment by IP address or domain, using one for marketing mail and another for transactional messages? 

These are all questions that I can help you answer. 

My name is Karen Balle, and I’m an email deliverability expert. I can help with that! 

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