Improving Your Sending Strategy to Boost Engagement

Are your email messages going to the spam folder at Gmail? It’s a common problem, and the solution is not always an easy one. 

Gmail is very focused on subscriber engagement. That means they can effectively decide what mail goes to the inbox or the spam folder based on their perception of how popular a given sender’s mail stream is, based on measurement of interaction with those messages. 

The fix sounds easy, at a high level. Just stop sending to subscribers who don’t respond. But how do you measure that? At what point do you consider a subscriber a non-responder? How long do you do this for? What kind of volumes are necessary? How often do I need to send? After it’s fixed, what do I do with the addresses that aren’t responding? Sometimes there can be a fine line between deliverability consulting and marketing strategy, and I can help guide you and your marketing team on the right way to address the issue. 

My name is Karen Balle, and I’m an email deliverability expert. I can help with that! 

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